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We help businesses
grow, and succeed


Baianat, Inc.

We are Baianat, Inc: a multidisciplinary cultural company with a customer-centric mentality. We are 50+ minds working across business, design, development, and technology to bring our clients exciting ideas into the real world in different industries, and across seas.


With values in heart, and targets in mind, we checkmate games, and take actions on the ground.


Milestones, stories, and experiences that shaped who we are today.

Guided by values.


We pour our soul into everything we do, and take pride in ourselves and our visions. That’s why we create things in our own way, and add unexpected twists to every project.


Walking the talk, and talking the walk. We respect the trust our partners put in us and take the responsibility of meeting the image created in their minds.


No secrets. No barriers. We work closely with our partners to create projects of value. When issues arise, we address it together, and talk freely over anything, and everything.

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Lean production

We allocate our resources into what matters, and fight features creep; the result is a functioning prototype in less time with all needed features.

Small teams

You don’t need an army to build a solution. Sometimes all it takes is just two crazy believers who think that they can change the world with their ideas.


Perfection takes versions, and as there are a million ways of connecting the dots; we try different routes until we find the perfect one.

Cutting edge technology

We keep ourselves up to date with the latest technologies, so when projects come in, we select the best and latest working methodology.

Working closely

No one knows the industry better than someone who has worked on it for years, so we work closely with our partners on their dream. Together we tailor every pixel and line of code to match their ideal story.

Strategy driven

It’s not about what we like. It’s not about what clients want. It’s about what users need. And when it comes to users, we rely on data, not guesses.


Giving is a duty. Through various initiatives, we hope to make the world a little better and change people’s lives for the better.


Opening our doors for students and community members to share us the journey and be part of Baianat movement.