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An extensible and open source Platform as a Service; that uses Docker to make deploys simple & fast.


A feature packed CI tool with out-of-the-box support for java, ruby .Net, & many other languages.

Travis CI

A Continuos Integration tool easy to integrate with Github Projects.

Configuration Drift

How software and hardware configurations become inconsistent with the master version due to manual and ad hoc changes (like hotfixes) that are not committed back to version control. Often a significant source of technical debt.


Resource isolation at the OS (rather than machine) level, usually (in UNIX-based systems) in user space. Isolated elements vary by containerization strategy and often include file system, disk quota, CPU and memory, I/O rate, root privileges, and network access. Much lighter-weight than machine-level virtualization and sufficient for many isolation requirement sets.

Continuous Deployment

A software development practice in which every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production automatically, resulting in many production deployments every day. It does everything that Continuous Delivery does, but the process is fully automated, and there’s no human intervention at all.

Continuous Testing

The process of executing unattended automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline across all environments to obtain immediate feedback on the quality of a code build.

Deployment Pipeline

A deployment pipeline is an automated manifestation of your process for getting software from version control into the hands of your users. (source:

Fail Fast

A strategy in which you try something, it fails, feedback is delivered quickly, you adapt accordingly, and try again.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

A self-service computing, networking, and storage utility on-demand over a network.