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The first round

The first round


If you really want to be great don't miss with time. You are here to learn so capitalize on every moment. Come on time and by the first week you will fall in love with the charm of 9 am productivity. we work on things we love so we never notice what time is it. There is no specific time for leaving and it doesn't matter if it's 7 or 10. We leave whenever we finish the target of the day. And this can't be done unless you focus for at least 8 hours.


We work hard and play harder. Vacations are necessary as part of our fun culture. We have all the holidays for relaxation and refreshing. Yet some of us prefer to play with some codes during them. But it's their personal choice. 

If it's not a holiday and you're taking a vacation to go for a Hawaiian trip, you must make sure that the timing is suitable for the projects you're working on then let us know a month earlier so we can set our plans too. For short term or days off, you need to call or text before and use your best judgment for the time and timing. 

What to wear

Wear whatever you want. Dress codes are ridiculous and you are not in elementary school anymore. Wear whatever expresses your identity. Some of us come with slippers and others with fancy suits. It does not matter what you wear as long as you behave and respect other people in the place.


We have one hour per day to get away from the screens and go for walks, delicious food or relaxation. Each person has his own way of spending the break. Some spend it working Like nothing happened others while others sleep for a while. Or if it's sunny you can find some people in the garden chatting and a few might be reading books on the comfy couch or grilling smoked fishes. Yet sometimes we choose to spend it together and enjoy each other company over a big meal.


We don't have deadlines. Yes, you just read that sentence and it's 100% true. You set your own deadline and make your own commitments. No one will push or overload the stress on you. And since you are a family member, we consider that you will do the best for our family growth. Deadlines are against the stress free culture of Baianat. We don't want overwhelming tasks, exhausted brains or people doing the work for the sake of avoiding the punishment.

Family gatherings

Each month we gather at least once for a recapping meeting. And since it's not a one-man show, everyone is allowed to share his opinions with the rest of the family. During the gathering we celebrate the good news, think of the obstacles we face, recommend solutions and navigate toward the future.


You are not chained to your desk. We are not monitoring your moves or observing how much time you spend working Vs. checking your social media. Just keep in mind that you have responsibilities and you can't get things done perfectly unless you focus for 8 hours. Staying late to get the morning work done is not the most effective solution. You need to have balance and consider that you are part of the culture so every action you take affects other people as well. You don't need someone to tell you keep quiet because a client is outside or your teammates can't work, do you?