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The game atmosphere

The game atmosphere

More knowledge in less time

In Baianat you will be learning everything about different things but for your career. If you're a developer or brand designer, you will also have a chance to know about marketing and business. And your skills don't actually matter because all what you learned needs to be aligned with our approach. We learn from trusted resources and for the sake of collecting knowledge. We love learning and appreciate those who tell us something new that we can leverage on. 

How to learn something new everyday about different topics? 

Spend some time in the kitchen during breaks.

HUGE library 

One of the perks of being part of Baianat is having an access to a huge library of books. They differ from business, branding, development, design, marketing, habits, thinking. ETC. 

You can find almost everything since except for novels, history and literature as we believe that reading a scientific book is always better than some fictions or pasts. If you're a bookworm - just like us- we recommend the following sequence as a start:

  • The seven habits of highly effective people.
  • The power of habits
  • Getting things done
  • Start with why
  • Leaders eat last
  • The dip

Stress free workplace 

The working environment in Baianat encourages  innovation and making mistakes. We follow a stress free approach where the focus is to be fully engaged with one thing at a time. We block ourselves from everything around and concentrate our energy. We don't need extra hours as we manage our focuses properly. 

No door policy

We have no doors or secretary stuff. You don't need an appointment to talk with someone or an access to enter restricted areas. If you ever felt something is wrong; knock on the door, let everything out and propose a solution. There are no bosses or higher management board to be afraid of. Since what you're going to say is in the best interest of the group you're always welcome to express it and it's one of your duties as well.

Fairness in the air

Everyone is  equally treated. You are not the new comer so relax and be yourself, no need for anxiety. We don't care at your CV or years of experience, your efforts and small contributions are what concern us. And if you screwed up we can talk about it over a tea, investigate the reasons and send you back for new trial. 

Thinking on your feet

We move fast! In the days of projects' presentations and handover, you will find everyone running all over the place trying to get things done and adding the final touches. The rapid base environment will teach you different thinking methodologies to overcome the obstacles blocking your road. By time, problems will turn into challenging puzzles and you will turn into a solution oriented person. 

A place for your dreams 

What's your dream ? Inventing a programming language? Manufacturing hardware? Becoming the next copywriter of the era? Or making the next rockets management system! It doesn't matter, if your dream is of value to humanity we will help you turn it into reality. We encourage and find best company with people who think big and dream bigger. They're like us and together we can do great things. 

The family 

It's rare to find someone who would share with you everything he knows and hope you become better than him. Someone you can open up to and trust with no fear and ask for his opinion in critical or personal matters. But you can find 42 persons in Baianat to get your back. Whenever you need support you can just come ask, whether it's something personal, technical or a puzzling issue. Feel free to use this family bond - as well as the fridge in the kitchen. You are not allowed to be gloomy or sad as long as you are part of the family. You can find people Bringing you your favorite food or chocolate and trying to get you out of this status.  

Doing the right thing

You don't need to worry about adding something to humanity or leaving a fingerprint in the world. You're on the right track because this is our aim too. 


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