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Your round

Your round

We don't want all the skills you think we might need. It doesn't matter how many years you've been in the field or what your accomplishments are. Even if you're a fresh or under graduate you can have a chair on the table if you can see your soul through the following lines. 

Have an identity

You have your unique concepts and world view. Authentic and feels like your work deserves to be your own version. Don't compromise for whatever reason. 

Armed with time and effort 

The road is long and takes dedication. And if you're honest about your passion, you will allocate all the time and effort you have to learn better and faster. You will carry the DNA and Baianat will be your whole world. We know this won't happen overnight but it will happen if you believed you are home.

Looking for a pack

The world has enough freelancers. And Individual work is never fulfilling and doesn't bring the best outcome. In addition, there are careers that cannot be done individually. The success recipe lies in unity and huge establishments are founded this way. We are looking for players who want to add their spices to the final dish. Those who love sharing the credit and may deny or sacrifice themselves for the team best interest. 

Just ask 

Ask all the questions that are puzzling you and wonder around to know what people are doing. You have 42 different perspectives, take advantage of them.