How to make a professional presentation for your next project

Every day we see different projects presentations, ones are stunning and others are very boring, also many social media have been established for presentations like Behance, Dribbble, Pinterest, and others, which gathers lots of audience in different fields of art or other fields, being unique with your presentation in this plenty is not that easy, and also not so difficult, in this piece of content we will present to you the different types of visual presentations and how you can present it professionally, but why you must be interested about that? Let’s see.

Why do you have to make good presentations ?

As we are communicating daily and our projects nowadays are widely spread to lots of audiences, competing lots of other projects, you have to present them in a catchy elegant way,so you can guarantee uniqueness to your projects presentations and be distinctive between your competitors, and so your engagement and conversion rates will be increased and this is the demanded goal of your presentation, now let’s know the types of projects you can visually present.


What are the types of presentations ?

Works Presentations

Works presentations are those kind of presentations which display done projects to the audience, this kind of presentations are used in portfolios and on some online social platforms that was created for that purpose.


Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends.

Case Studies

Case study is a method of presenting a certain case in different ways such as explanatory way, exploratory way, descriptive way, case studies mainly represent a problem and how to solve it, or how to reach a certain goal, it has many types according to the topic or the issue that it is covering which also have to be realistic.


Slides are a very simple kind of presentations, they cover a big topic briefly in some points, they are used significantly in live presentations to illustrate the main points of the covered topic, and also to be as a reference to the audience.

Landing Pages

Landing page is a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section website, they mainly used to present a certain product or a service, as they present its details, features, specifications..etc, and also contains a CTA for what it presents.


Those were the main types of presentations that we are using or dealing with every day, the next tips will generally help you in creating presentations in a more professional and attractive way, and in some points will be focusing on particular types that are dominated by its visual characteristics.

How can you make your presentations more professional ?

Telling a story

Telling a story is one of the most effective ways to attract your audience to your presentation, and also a very exciting way that keeps the audience continue reading or viewing your presentation, this method will not be suitable for all kind of presentations, but try to use it with the rest suitable ones.

The Brief

Summarizing up the goal of your presentation in an early stage is important, that facilitates the audience’s decision about see your presentation or not, as from this brief they can determine if your presentation suits their needs and interests or not, your brief must be clear and direct and clarify the core message of your presentation.


The Design of your presentation must be harmonious and consistent reflecting one soul, i.e: it must have its own identity, to achieve that you have to determine somethings before creating your presentation such as the used color palette, the illustration trend, the imagery styles, the used font...etc.

The smart use of imagery

Imagery is one of the best ways of communication and sharing ideas, but if the are not used in a smart way they will lose their goal, you have to use imagery in a smart way that adds to your presentation and not to diminish it, this can be achieved by choosing high quality and resolution images, good organization of images in the presentation and also avoid using too large or too small images.


Proper use of typography

Text is important in your presentation it describes it and highlights the important this of your presentation, you have to choose a clear font that is legible that suits your identity, it must also be with convenient colors according to the design, ie: it has to be contrasted to the background, the font also mustn't be too small or too big and you have to differentiate between the size of paragraphs, sub headers and headers.

Remember, Users Do NOT read!

Do not use lots of text, users or audience usually do not love to read as much as you might expect, especially when it comes to visuals, so try to reduce the amount of text as much as you can and focus only on what is important for the audience, to avoid them getting bored of long text.

Picking Harmonious Colors

The first thing you have to care about while designing is coloring, you may design a perfect presentation, but choosing non harmonious colors will give your audience a bad impression about it and also won’t attract them to your presentation, set you color palette before designing to be vital and attractive.


Not Too Short Or Too Long

Do not make your presentation too short so your audience may think that it is not of great importance and then neglect it, or too long so they may feel the won’t be able to realize it easily because of the huge data inside it, in that case, you can divide your presentation into smaller ones to be as a series.

Clear Cover Photo

In some platforms you have to create a cover photo to your presentation, so if you have to, you have to play it right, cover photos generally are too small to be descriptive, you have to design it in a smart way that shows the core message of your presentation and also it have to be talking directly to the presentation’s target audience, it may contain just a small icon/ logo and and mantra/slogan, but if they are smart your presentation will get high conversion rates.


Captions/ Description

Do not forget to add captions to images that your presentation includes, as you have to be too clear with your audience and illustrate every single thing in the presentation so they feel comfortable with it.

Suitable for the presenting platform

Your presentation must be directed to be suitable for the platform that will be published on, the next attributes are the most important ones while dealing with social platforms that you must care about:


You have to design your presentation with dimensions that are suitable for the platform, in order to be accepted by the platform, to have a consistent design and also to be virally spread, the most popular platforms in this field and their proper dimensions are:
- Dribbble: 400×300 pixels or @2x 800×600 pixels for HiDPI or Retina displays.
- Pinterest: 735 pixels x adjusted to height.
- Instagram: 1080 x 1080.


Each platform has it own types of images that can be uploaded and is more suitable for it, knowing it from the beginning saves you a lot in the process of creating your presentation, let's show you the supported types of each:
- Behance: JPEG, PNG and GIF
- Dribbble: JPEG, PNG and GIF.
- Pinterest: JPEG, PNG and GIF
- Instagram: JPEG, PNG and GIF



To every platform there is a type of audience who use it and follow the projects published on it, you have study the behaviours of your targeted audience who will see your project, in order to present them what is suitable for their nature.


Timing is important while publishing your project, and every platform has its own rush time that most of their users are online, knowing this time and publishing your project during help in increasing the number of its views and the spread of the project among the users. Knowing that this time is different from one country to another and from the nature of the audience to another too.


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