The lines below provide the outlines for Baiant approach in project strategy and implementation.

Approach Line

Let's talk

Once receiving the project description, Baianat team has talks with the client, studies with him/her every single detail of it and grasps the whole idea of the project.

Time to investigate

Studying everything in the project, is that enough? Of course not, Baianat team also studies the client, his/her target audience, market situation, competitors and every specific detail of this client in order to create a product really expressing and reflecting the client’s uniqueness.


Fill the gap

To get the best and reach multiple choices, Baianat team takes the project into further process of brainstorming, analysis, plans, sketching, and wireframes to every single pit and piece of the project.

Have it in flesh and blood

This is the time to put it down to earth; to build your project from wireframes up to reaching initial results, then further improvements until having the prototypes ready for evaluation.


Check everything

A/B testing, KPIs, customer feedbacks, taking notes and a comprehensive evaluation of the final prototypes, until reaching feedbacks which are then used for further improvement to have the project in its final form.

Wrap-it-up session

Before delivering the final product to client, Baianat team gives a presentation on the product and other related issues including a manual on how it works.


Happy beginnings

Delivering the products is not the end, absolutely! It is just the beginning of trustful relation between Baianat and the client.


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