We believe we can change cultures and make the world a better place. This objective is to be attained by producing quality products through which values are conveyed to and influencing the society.


Baianat Principles

Baianat professional IT team members were resilient to walk their own way to push Baianat to be the leading company in IT industry. To reach this end, it took Baianat team much efforts over years. Currently this experience turned into facts and principles followed on a daily basis in Baianat. Baianat team has the pleasure to share with you the gist of this experience in the 9 principles below :

1- The world is rapidly changing and growing.

Information Technology is constantly evolving and becoming smarter. Baianat seeks to adopt this situation as a framework for Baianat services. Thus, Baianat comes to use the most up-to-date techniques to provide the best services ever.

2- Is there a problem? So, there is a solution; especially an ideal one.

There is a solution for every problem, but at Baiant there is the best solution for each and every problem. Baianat team never provide solutions unless after searching the problem deeply and investigating all its aspects to reach the satisfying ideal solution.

3- Competition is always fierce; the battlefield shall never be calm !

Baianat believes that competition is always for the good of industry and customers, since it yields in further development and improvement. Therefore, Baianat always seeks to provide the most competitive services to be the number one preference for customers.

4- The Road to Success comes through Hard Work.

No matter how many obstacles and setbacks Baianat team faces, there are always efforts, resilience, diligence and a belief that success is always “at the end of the tunnel”.

5- Currencies of real value drive out fake ones.

Products of less value and cheaper prices are everywhere. However, the more these products are in the market, the more value high-quality products are. Baianat does not and will never provide these products whatsoever.

6- Time is NOT gold, it is much more expensive.

Baianat really appreciates time, especially the time of customers. While customers often demand their projects to be finalized “As Soon As Possible”, Baianat takes time other elements too into consideration; time for crisis and quality of products.

7- Good Planning is always in Progress.

Many people believe that planning is of marginal importance when it comes to web projects. However, the belief in Baianat is that it takes really good planning to reach a successful project. Good planning here includes many elements; target audience, content, etc.

8- Success is not about Luck, It is about Sacrifice.

A real deep experience in life always tells it is efforts and sacrifice that reaches to diligence, success and achieving objectives. In Baianat, time, efforts and cost are subject to sacrifice, just to reach the end; to keep high standards of production.

9- Principles and ethics are valuable currencies valid for all times.

Although the mainstream is violating copyrights, Baianat insists to fight all these violations. Baianat, in consideration of copyrights and intellectual property rights, purchases all the pictures, icons and other materials used in Baianat services and projects.

We've shaped our previous philosophies from the experience of many years as we intended to keep up with everything new to change cultures towards information technology.
And we always strive to achieve and fulfill this goal through stiff competition that cost us more sacrifices as we believe that success does not come by chance but it is the result of unity and diligence.


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