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Gathering local

Baianat meetups are self-organized local gatherings usually made by Baianat ambassadors, seeders or brand evangelists. It’s a great opportunity to socialize with industry peers and discuss field related matters.

Designers meetups

Share inspiring stories and bond with your local community of designers. Expand your network by meeting designers from different fields and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Developers meetups

Share the challenges and the passion for developing out-of-the-box solutions. Get yourself into a local community of developers and learn more on the latest technologies in your field.

Strategists meetups

Creating a place where business geeks gather for discussions that extend from venture capliting to economics and globalization.

Be the host of our next community gathering. Whether a 20 persons meetup, in your company or outdoors, we are looking forward to having you on board!

Become a meetup host