The end beyond Automation is to give you full control over your business anytime and anywhere with just fingertips.


Enjoy business welfare

Feel beauty and comfort

Feel beauty, harmony and elegance of Automation script designs and colors.

Beautiful yet smart too

Automation script is guaranteed bug-free based on W3C global standards.


Since the world now is full of different devices everywhere, Automation is designed to be appropriate for such devices, whatever the size of device screen is.

Automation Advantages

Control your Business

Control your business from any device anytime and anywhere with Automation script.

Grow your Business

Automation script provides you with metrics and statistics that help you grow your business.

Live Free !

Automation allows you to follow up your business anywhere without being bound staying at certain workplace/venue.



Showing a sample of websites that's using Automation is always welcome .We have designed Automation with two important priorities the scalability and the performance .The scalability provides you with the ability to enhance your system and widen your business scope .And of course No success could come out of a slow application That's where the performance makes the difference and keep your system users satisfied.

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Responsive and Comprehensive Control Panel

Take Automation control panel wherever you go. This panel works perfectly and easily on mobile phones, tablets and other devices. It also comes in responsive, interactive and practical design.


Full Control

Have it all within your fingertips! Enjoy comfortable experience of adding, editing and controlling everything; products, registered customers, news, invoices, mails, etc.

What happened ?

Automation provides a comprehensive summary of what was going on while you were away using intelligent system alerts.

Keep in touch

Use different means of communication to reach out to your customers and get them engaged more and more.

Get the full information

Statistics covering each and every single detail; registered customers, top-listed products, visits, etc.

Control panel

Automation panel provides you with comprehensive statistics covering each and every detail in your system. Use Automation panel to easily communicate with your customers and provide distinctive customer service system, side by side with traditional means of communications via e-mail and SMS.

  • Easy Business Management
  • Comprehensive Control Panel
  • Promoted Customer Service System
  • Easier Leads Converting Experience
  • Better Communication
  • Interactive Design

Eager for more, enjoy extra features

Enhanced SEO

Automation enables you to gain better reach out to your audience using content topics optimized for your search engine results.

Google Analytics

Since it has Google analytics integrated in it, Automation easily provides analysis on visitors statistics.

Print Invoices

Automation script allows you to easily have a hard copy of invoices from system.


Worry no more about your data! Make sure you get regular backups of your script side by side with backup provided by hosting company.



Enjoy Automation simplicity and comprehensive features and have an enjoyable business business.


Drag and drop

Have a better and much easier experience of controlling and monitoring products and technical support, with just only few clicks.


Full Control

Have full control over your business using the full-options control panel and enjoy a better and easier work experience.

Promote your business and make it more reachable online NOW !

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