Digital Marketing

Engage with your audience, increase your conversion rates and build your strong community.

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Go Inbound

Digital marketing nowadays is the trend that you should follow to increase your rate in your market especially by inbound marketing, as it cares about your target audience and helps you to build a strong trustful relationship between them anda your brand that leads to beneficial WOM.

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Social Media Marketing

Build a strong relationship with your audience and fans through a strategic planning for your social networks.

Content Marketing

Spread benefits and attract new visitors and leads to your brand through valuable and consistent strategic content marketing.


Optimize your search results in search engines and increase your opportunity to be reached by your target audience easily.

E-mail Marketing

Guarantee the delivery of your targeted emails to your leads and customers without being marked as a spam.


Advertise your products and services with a smart, attractive and targeted inbound advertising.

Who Benefits ?


Traditional marketing is fading in the digital life we are living, be modern with your business and digitize your marketing plan.


To ensure the success of your website you must have a strong S.E.O strategy that makes your audience reach your easily.


New startups and business plans won't grow successfully without a smart marketing strategy, ensure your success with Baianat.


Spreading your blog and posts is important for your brand, that won't come without a smart content strategy.

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Modernize Your Business

Modernization of your business ensures the success of your brand in the digital world.

More Specific

Inbound marketing makes your advertising more specific by providing smart targeting techniques.

No Spamming

Ensure that all of your emails will be delivered to your leads and won't be marked as a spam.

Real Time Results

Providing you with real time results for the KPIs of your strategy that allows you refining your brand.

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