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It is not just about looking good, your website should, when it comes to users, be appropriate and interactive.

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The first impression of your website on users plays an essential role on their perspectives about it. How long do your website visitors stay? How do they feel while visiting the website ? What should you do to improve users’ experience of your website ?

Baianat consulting aims at improving your website quality. It is UX that plays the main role with respect to visitors’ interaction.

Test Site/App Usability

How users experience your website or app? Will they go on until they get what they want or they might just leave without it ?

IA Evaluation

How easily can users navigate within your website? To what extent are the content and context understandable and perceivable ?

Heuristic Evaluation

Is your website, in matters of design, user-centered or system-oriented, or it is system-oriented ? Is your system visible and retrievable or not ?

Heat Maps

To what extent is the interaction between your website and users ? Are your website CTA places in the best positions ?


Usability is not enough

Baianat UX consulting not only ensures website usability and how it looks, but also guarantees website fulfilling your business targets and objectives.


Ensure a user-friendly interactive environment in your website NOW !

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