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It’s your turn
to go digital.

We believe that learning is a continuous act that should never stop. That’s why we created Academy, to provide consolidated learning paths for those who are as passionate about knowledge as us.

It’s your turn |to go digital.

Bringing Baianat kitchen
to the world.

The idea behind Baianat academy started with our strong desire for sharing what we know with the whole world, literally. And as our kitchen can’t take the whole world, we decided to take a step forward and place all of resources and recipes. We will be sharing everything we know here in classes, courses, articles or audios.

Learning strategically.

Through custom learning path, you can create your own track based on the topics you love the most and the skills you want to excel.

On ground events

Enjoy parallel workshops and session made especially to close with your online learning path and answer your burning questions.

Real cases

As we worked in many industries and with different clients, the material provided will contain real case studies, templates and interactive parts through which we will discuss your solutions.

Global Classes

Need a one time shot? Sign In for the class you need and get concentrated knowledge on the topic you prefer most.

Baianat Badge

Get recognized for your accomplishments and have Baianat badge for each new skill you have acquired.

Careers you can start
right away

Business development

Learn more about business strategy and how to create a plan that is actionable and linkable to your marketing efforts with real cases and templates to guide your thinking process.


Know more about the strategy and visuals and how perceptions are created, then plan for your brand positioning with exercises that makes it clear for you.


Make web, desktop and mobile apps using cutting technologies whether back or front. Access the tutorials needed for getting started and have conversations.

Project Management

Have all the fundamentals and theories related to project management in a path that is developed to tackle both the technical and theoretical sides.


From drawing concepts to modeling and rigging. Have a depth view on both the 3D and 2D fields and make movies, posters and other brand assets.

Interaction Design

Learn to fuse the knowledge of the books with the reports and analytics form on ground and have both UI and UX consolidated in your learning path.

Product design

Create products that you can touch and interact with over a short period of time in addition to all the basics of industrial and systems design.


In this path, we are merging the business knowledge with technology as believe that innovation will always start from the business needs.


Create your first custom typeface with Baianat. We guide through our process for font creation whether in Arabic or English with all the hacks of speed illustrated.

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