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Discover Baianat.


Our company started with a mission of changing cultures and impacting humanity through producing high quality products.

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We are Baianat, Inc. A multidisciplinary company with a detail-oriented mentality supporting different types of businesses across industries and overseas.


Through the years, we have passed by many events that shaped our identity in the present time.


Read our story and know how the company has been formulated into its current shape.


And know more about the milestones, ups and downs of every year we have passed and the important lessons we learnt.


And along the way, we created partnerships with people who would support us thrive in the digital era.


See the branches near you around the world and come drink some tea with us.


Or follow us on our social media channels and stay updated with information that are most relevant to you.


Discover what’s happening moment by moment with real time updates from our teams across socials.


And if you are looking for a technical articles that help you better manage your business, we created our blog to support visionaries and entrepreneurs.


You can get to know our latest news and what’s happening inside the company through our press release.


To transmit our messages and better engage with the community, we created events through which we can meet you face to face.


Operating across these various industries added to our world view and made us gain partners that we are proud to call family members today.


Starting from internal needs and out of an innovation rush,we founded ventures that operates in a variety of fields and supports different end users.


Our legal contains all the policies that govern our online presence and helps us provide you with a better website experience.

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Privacy policy

We respect your information privacy so we tailored our privacy policy to help you understand everything related to the information we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it.

Terms and conditions

Know more about the guidelines that govern the way we provide our services and collaborate in projects.

Recruitment policy

Take a look at the guidelines that govern our hiring process and the information we collect during the onboarding process.

Copyrights policy

The licenses that govern Baianat content, resources and all the production we do in house.


Report your concerns regarding the copyrights or trademarks infringements or any misuse of your brand content.

Privacy updates

See the latest updates we have made regarding our legality and terms of service.


Our culture is the main drive behind our actions.It consists of the values and principles that we proudly hold and distinguish us as Baianaters.

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We enjoy playing everyday and creating moments that tie us together and reminds us of the good times later on when we see it.


Through our years of experience, we found insights that shaped our future vision and made our manifesto.


We developed our own way of producing high quality products so we can pour our souls into every project.


The core values behind our culture that unit every player in Baianat and ensures consistency in actions.


Discover the pillars that drive our attitudes and everyday interactions inside Baianat.


Know more about Baianat hiring process, the teams inside and the perks of becoming a Baianater.

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Explore the benefits that you will gain by joining Baianat team.


And know more about the hiring process starting from sending your email until you grab a chair and start building up solutions with us.


And as the family grows, we are always looking for more players. See the latest opportunities and hunt your spot.


See our teams and choose your side of the game. Learn more on our operations and how we work together.


Get the care you need whenever you want through various communication channels with Baianat team.

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Knowledge base

To cut off the hassle for you, we created a knowledge base with the most frequent questions so you can easily look up what you need.

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And in case you have further questions we would be glad to support you through email, phone or contact form.

Live chat

Chat with Baianat team directly and let us help you with your current issues and concerns.

Customer care

If you have a current project that you want to track, we would be glad to hear from you on customer care.


And in case you are concerned about a trademark or copyrights violation, report it immediately through our infringement form.


We are always happy to hear you suggestions, questions and concerns as we believe that two minds can always think better than one :)


Having a new project? Use our ordering form to send us your requirements and kick off the project.


We believe that it's our responsibility to support the community we are part of through initiatives and activities.

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Our initiatives range from charity to education and women empowerment with one main target in mind, imacapting humanity.


Changing the world can’t be done by us only. See the heroes behind the scenes who are contributing to a better world with us as well.


Track our progress every year by numbers and facts and discover our performance in our areas of action.


We strive for a better community, sustainable environment and better living conditions for people by aligning what we do with the UN goals.


Changing reality by hand and donating hours for good causes that would spread awareness and support our goal of boosting humanity.


Discover our Capabilities process, the industries we support and the services we provide for a wide range of clients.

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See some of the industries we support and how we collaborate with our clients to create customized solutions.


We work in the fields of business, design, development and technology to provide our partners with a holistic services view.


We support you with digital solutions that meet your business needs and help you better connect with your customers.


See the ideas we came up with during our production processes and explore our materials in design, business, development and technology.

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Explore Baianat insights and inventions in both business and creative fields. Get a glimpse into the latest done inside our kitchen.


For every design project, there’s a whole story behind the scenes. Discover the early versions and walk the concept development journey with us.


Discover the space where we code outside of the box to create solutions that contribute to humanity and open source community.


Solving the repetition problem through libraries in both mobile and web to accelerate your coding progress.


And since we know that starting from a blank artboard in boring and time consumption, we created resources to support designers through their creative process.


To scale your project progress, we created handy tools that help designers, developers and strategists better handle their operations.


Providing intensive and close learning experience through long term and short term training opportunities.

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Since we wanted to keep the community aware of what we do moment by moment, we founded academy to put our latest discoveries in consolidated learning paths.


Also, Baianat internships program was made for anyone who wants a close experience working side by side with us on real cases.


And to discuss technical topics in detail, we created workshops that are held in our headquarter for students and techies.


We created our books to contain the essentials of every field for a more in depth knowledge and technical details.


Planning opportunities where we can engage better with the community and spread awareness through Baianat programs.

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As we wanted to be around you in campus, our ambassadors program was created for students from around the world who want to help us spread awareness.


And for professionals who share us the same passion for authenticity, we created seeders program so we can collaborate together in events and initiatives.


Our brand was designed with the concept of functionality and abstraction in mind, however we come in almost every color.

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Since we believe in iterations and that today's' first drafts are just an inspiration for tomorrow's big projects.


Get all Baianat brand assets in the format needed to keep the brand consistent across every channel.


Read through the rules that govern our brand asset usage starting from logo placement to lockups.


And to keep the conversation running, we created a weekly newsletter through which you can subscribe to the fields you are most interested in.


And to make collaboration easier, we created wave to help us communicate better with clients and with each other.