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Our family of

Because starting from a blank sheet is time consuming and blocking, we built our digital products store, Halx , to enhance designers' workflow with exclusive items.

Thinking of what authentic hosting can do to business growth made us start Hostox. A hosting company that provides the latest in the industry at suitable prices with a customer support you can rely on.

Simplifying the ERP experience and providing a smarter tool for businesses to grow and track its work

Spend less time on projects with Sbont; our node.js framework that facilitates the coding process and gives developers a ready to implement code structure

Enabling fronted developers and designers to build rich web interfaces and digital experiences using a design system that serves as a CSS framework and supports modern user experience practices

Because business decisions should be based on data, we founded Azda to empower us and other companies around the globe with the needed analytics and insights through AI technology

Our Arabian social network for women where they can find helpful information, exchange valuable tips and express their identity.

Get the gist of the latest with Mojz. Read summarized news online so and stay up date easier with content that is free of fillers.

Encouraging creative writers with a platform that is specially made for those who have unique ideas to spread and need a platform with social flavor to express their identity.

Creating a smarter solution for companies that need more than a recruitment talent pool, but an entire tracking software for their campaigns and processes.

Reducing the headache of business setup and legal issues with a platform that provides companies and individuals with online consultations on critical matters.

Gathering highlights and latest hacks in design, development, business and technology so teams can stay updated with the latest in field by one click.

Revolutionizing self learning and providing students and knowledge seekers with authentic learning paths and valuable content both online and offline

Because we know that our customers need authentic hosting, we founded Shbkat to provide trusted and affordable services in addition t domain services.

A CMF created to help businesses and developers build smart, reliable and highly customized websites for E-commerce, task management and other different industries

Making UXers work easier and adding more fun to their processes with a ready to use UX tools, templates and documents, that can be extracted in different formats and proposals

Providing marketers with tools, templates and resources so they can focus on getting innovative and worry less about organizing their ideas.

Stemming from our need for a simple task manager, Basb was created to help us stay productive and work as our internal social media.

Connecting businesses with their clients using instant and customized push notifications that goes through SMS, desktop apps, mobile apps or email

Revolutionizing Ecommerce for business owners either they are startups or large businesses, so they can build their online store and reach their customers in a more friendly way

Enriching the online arabic content with technical articles translated by professionals in the fields of business, design, development and technology

Picking the right gift could be tricky. Oraj helps you pick the perfect one and ship it anywhere around the world.

Making e commerce more pleasant through Ords. With variant categories and a rich blog that focuses sellers, it provides a great opportunity for business growth.

Providing a consolidated learning experience for children is necessary for building an aware generation that’s why we founded Afad, an alternative learning platform for children.

Helping restaurants with their daily operation with Tsro POS that links front store services with the kitchen operations.

Helping teams express their ideas visuualy with Cojora, a diagram system that enables team collaboration and brainstorming.