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Sellesa ecommerce

Building a store online is critical to business success. According to statistics, online shopping is gradually taking a larger portion of the whole purchase power globally. Without a strong presence online, store owners would be missing a great opportunity of expanding the reach of their business. But as business owners are always in a hurry and need to get things done faster, a simple solution was needed for building stores.

While software that already exist either too complex or too expensive, we aim to help businesses grow through providing high quality ecommerce solutions and give them confidence in their success even if they’re selling in space, that’s why we built Sellesa.

Sellesa is an ecommerce software that is professional and also easy to use, with all the features store owners may need but without any complexity in use and a customer support system that is always available to solve problems. The solution comes in affordable packages and suitable prices for all business types and sizes.

The solution will be launched by early 2020, but you can check the brand identity and website design and leave us your comments on Behance.

Brand identity
UX/UI design