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Usdy elearning

As students and professionals, it could be hard sometimes to get materials that are scientific and follows the standards of the field. With so many online courses that focus on selling the course not helping you build up a career, it’s hard to find an in-depth knowledge in the field. And as the topics get harder, the need for an instructor to guide you during the process becomes more essential so we came up with Usdy.

That’s why we started Usdy, our online learning platform that combines both the benefits of online learning with the offline instructing. The platform targets students of all ages and instructors from different fields. The main target behind the courses is not giving students the technical knowledge only, but also the soft skills needed to perform their tasks smoothly and achieve personal growth.

The platform aims to change the standards of learning known in communities and promote the value of continuous learning and development. Through a hard selecting process, we pick only the courses that would create a logical learning path for students and graduate a fully educated generation. The course combines different types of materials from videos, podcasts, blog posts and imagery.

The platform was designed to provide an interactive learning experience. By capitalizing on the latest methods in education, it helps students to better memorize and understand the information. And as some skills require online learning with offline training and workshops, we provide instructors with a place through which they can interact with their students.

Usdy will be launched by late 2020 but you can see the full identity and UI/UX design on Behance.

Brand identity
UI/UX design