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Creavs curation

The field of creative technology is rapidly changing. Everyday there are new inventions and methodologies that we need to adapt with. As a team, we had the problem of keeping up with the latest news and passing it to each other. Getting the latest in every field of expertise could be overwhelming sometimes. With lots of articles and newsletters from different sources, your inbox could get messy just like ours.

In an effort of centralizing the communication and ensuring an easy transfer of information, we came up with Creavs. Creavs is a curation for designers, developers, strategists, and techies. It gathers books, guides, articles, videos and infographics from different resources then consolidates it all into a newsletter. And based on your preferences, you can choose to receive updates on a daily, weekly or monthly.

The platform aims to keep professionals updated in their careers by enhancing their thinking and abilities through materials that is always updated and collected from the latest blog posts and trends.

The true value behind Creavs value comes from how it saves time and gathers up the best of the best in a mini digest so subscribers can stay updated easily. The project will be launched by late 2019 and you can check the brand identity and website design.

Brand identity and UI/UX