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Hwanm female

In the middle east, it’s hard to find trustworthy websites that provides women with relevant and helpful tips. The social media is full of exaggerations that damages their perspectives with fault information.

Also, the forums are getting to be very old fashion with its classic design and outdated news that women can’t rely on in the modern age.

And since it’s our mission to spread awareness, we wanted to impact how women are using social platforms in the middle east and impact their behavior through, so we started Hwanm.

Hwanm is a social community for females, of all ages, to share their thoughts, find helpful information in all kinds of life activities and girls interests. Through Hwanm we provide valuable content for women and we're to become the lead platform in the field

The platform will be launched by late 2019, but you can check the brand identity and website design on Behance.

Brand identity
UX/UI design