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Halx digital
products store.

As we have been working in the design field for 15+ years, we have a common understanding of the designers problems.For instance, starting from a blank artboard every time is boring. It consumes a lot of time and delays the project launch sometimes. For example, while working on an app design, we all need illustration pieces to complete the overall look and convey messages easier to the users. If we don’t have the capability of custom illustration design, then we will have to go for the free download packs, which is sort of overly consumed nowadays.

And even for those who knows how to illustrate, it could get tricky at first while coming up with ana art style, which makes inspiration a must at this stage to speed things up. We faced similar problems like this internally which made us think of the suffer designers have to go through in every design project.

And this is where the idea of Halx came up. We started planning to launch a creative products digital store that takes into account the needs of designers. The store production was meant to be unique, customizable and diverse. We tried to come up with different art styles from complex and detailed to the Saas art style to cover all the possible needs of creatives.

Halx products are exclusive. Once they are being purchased from the store, they are protected by license so they exist nowhere else. The concept of exclusivity comes with a continuous upgradation feature. We continually revisit the products and add elements or revamp the style to be more suitable for the current usage and avoid being outdated. This update is provided for free to all the previous pack purchasers.

While working on the brand identity design, we wanted to create a humanized experience. Where people interact with Halx, the elegant deer who runs a store to help designers beat their creative block. The whole story of Halx brand was tailored around the mascot character and visualized later into a series posts through which she shares her life and creates conversations with people from all over the world.

The store is now online but will be officially launched late 2019.

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