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Tsro point
of sale.

Tsro offers a smart POS (point of sale system) for restaurants and cafes. It provides more options such as stock management, business reporting, integrated payments and automatic restock.

Business owners can view analytics and record customers activity to welcome them back through loyalty program. Tsro is not only about simple and easy to use POS, but we give our users the ability to have their custom storefront in the form of app, downloadable on their customer’s phones so they can order directly through it. The software is downloadable for free, also there's a mobile app for easy access to employees and cloud based version of the system.

The experienced lovely chef Tsro will help you with your business hassle and will answer all your questions anytime!. The character was designed to be fat friendly chef, implying expertise, coziness, elegance and helpfulness.

The chef will help you manage your restaurant system, orders, supply chain, also manage your employees and more. He's fun and friendly as close to your favorite typical chef with humble kind eyes and heavy body because of course, he loves to eat.

Tsro will be launched by early 2020 and you can check its brand identity and leave us your comments on Behance.

Brand identity