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Ords ecommerce

During the last few years, and although some sectors are still suffering from buyers’ hesitation. more people are moving to online purchasing. This makes it even more essential for online retailers to improve their multichannel tactics to encourage offline purchase in store.

Ords is a global retail marketplace which target buyers and vendors around the world in order to empower them to deal directly with each other and access a wide variety of products at different prices.

The platform will gradually change to align with new market trends and needs through providing greater options for payment facilities via ‘Ords Pay’, shipping and delivery.

In Ords, we won’t just deliver the solution, but also we help will be helping our customers through optimization tactics and blog posts that guide them through their store growth journey. And with instant customer support, we can find issues early on and consult our customers on the best possible method of building a strong online presence.

Ords will be officially launched by mid 2020, but you can check the brand identity on Behance and leave us your comments.

Brand identity