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Twzef hiring

Recruitment can mean a lot of hassle within companies. Having many applications for different job postings and aligning your interviews process to the current HR capacity could be tricky as well. And as we had the same hassle whether during hiring or scanning applications for internships, we needed a system that works seamlessly with our processes and current systems so we started working on Twzef.

Twzef is a hiring software solution that lets you manage your hiring process in a smart manner. It aims to give businesses a recruitment solution that lets them forget about documentation and tracking and focus more on the talent selection process.

And to ensure that it suits different business needs, Twzef will be launched with a high ability to customize and add features. With a great attention to user experience, we help recruiters filter, move applicants through stages, file reports and have their own pool of qualified on hold candidates.

Twzef will be launched early 2020, but you can check its brand identity and UIUX design on Behance.

Brand identity
UI/UX design