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Narx push
notification system.

The fight for users’ attention is getting fierce. And as users are getting more busy and easily distracted, businesses need a customized communication method to grab their attention with instant communication with that raises their engagement levels.

Whether its a product launch, new store arrivals or critical changes to your privacy policy, businesses need to update their customers with the latest without being spammy or paying much, which is basically what Narx does.

Narx is a push notification software that helps businesses bridge the communication with their target audience and enhance their experience. It provides a way of centralizing the communication around the user’s needs and interests by sending instant and customized messages. The software is tailored to meet the developers needs and work with them on pushing notifications through SMS, desktop apps, mobile apps and email.

Narx will be launched by late 2019, but you can check the brand and website design and leave us you comments on Behance.

Brand identity
Ux/UI design