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Hostox cloud
hosting company.

The hosting industry has a lot of different sides. For some companies, it could mean more a server and a paycheck at the end of the month. But from our perspective, we think it's more than just trying to get more cash and manipulate the terms and conditions.

And with our previous experience and knowledge in the industry, we had many ideas that fueled our innovation in Hostox, a company that provides hosting solutions and domain names with good quality and customer centric support. Our main goal is to change the way hosting service is provided through other companies, and to create a standard high quality service that others will follow.

Our target audience varies between individual developers and startup owners as well as business owners. What differentiates Hostox from other hosting companies is the service authenticity, since we don't sell hosting solutions for money but for good quality products and customer support.

Hostox’s strategic thinking and continuous development approach makes us utilize workforce, control costs, and have efficient operations to create maximum value for our customers for the suitable service price.

All the services at Hostox always start by a comprehensive research and analysis, which makes us know our customers best and advice the best hosting plan for them.

Hostox’s culture and values of commitment to excellence are focusing on delivering a long lasting service and customer focused.

The website is developed and hosted to provide a speed browsing experience. You can check the live version now and await the official launch by late 2019.

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