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Mojz news

Every second there is a new breakingnews trend.Whether in general field or in your field of expertise. Keeping up with all that could be sometimes hard in the middle of the day jam and the rapid based life. And what makes it more complex is that news journalists sometimes create material that is just a fill up and ignore relevance to the reader

They write with excessive details while sometimes all what matters to you is just getting a sense of what’s going on in the world around. That’s why we thought of Mojz.

For those who doesn't have much time to go through the daily newspapers whether national or international, We wanted to provide the brief in short and in a custom manner.

Mojz curates the news from the different resources whether local or international, and through artificial intelligence, the algorithms summarizes the important parts and puts it together in a humanized context.

Mojz brings you a summary of the news from the categories you subscribe for and from the resources you trust the most. So you feed is relevant to your interests and your experience is scaled.

While working on Mojz brand identity, we wanted to easily distinguish between the different categories of the brand in addition to coming up with an identity that suits the news industry. We wanted something that is sharp and gives the impression of speed.

And as we believe that news websites shouldn’t be overwhelming, we tried to come up with a layout that contains all the important news in short, and still provide a high readability experience without the normal

For a better experience, we designed Mojz with different sub networks for every reader persona so they can access the news they care most about without having to browse through the whole website.

The project will be launched officially by late 2019 but you can check the website and brand identity design on Behance

Brand identity
UI/UX design