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Afad alternative
learning platform.

Finding authentic learning resources for children is a little challenging. With many options around, it’s hard to spot on the best way for rising up an aware child. The curriculum available in schools are mainly focused on the basic knowledge and skills like reading, writing, math, in addition to certain languages and few science classes. But developing children's skills requires more than a few classes and an exam full mark.

Dealing with education as a one size fits produces generations that lake an identity and with the issue of figuring out what they want. That’s where the role of alternative learning pops up.

When we were planning for Afad, we wanted to provide parents with a smart solution that helps them in figuring out what their children love and support it with a learning path that ensures their mastery. And for the kids, we wanted to provide an exciting and interactive learning experience.

Afad provides a website and an application which includes activities, games, videos or topic related resources so children can learn by doing. This is especially effective in today's age to children of ages between (2-12) years.

The platform will be operating in the MENA region with an identity that promotes the arabian culture and traditions and raises a generation that holds our ethics and morals.

Afad will be launched late 2019. But you can check the brand identity designed on Behance

Brand identity