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RURS marketing

Marketing is one of the fields where there are many approaches and ways exists. In our process of standardizing the marketing approach, we faced a lot of challenges. From finding the right process to finding a suitable template to contain our ideas. And with many marketing channels, it was a little bit of hassle trying to connect them all together.

And because we faced this issue, we were wondering how many marketing teams around the world are suffering from the same headache. This is when the idea of RURS came up. We wanted to create a platform that empowers marketers all over the world with authentic materials that helps them focus on innovation and worry less about documentation.

In addition, we wanted to prove that a science like marketing can have standards and be documented in an approach that yields the same results.

So we planned RURS to provide marketers with a place to start from. So all they have to do is drag and drop the elements needed, then answer a few questions and extract the project template shared with the client directly. This checklist concept makes it easier to grow through the marketing process without missing any steps. RURS will contain guides, ebooks and articles on how to best utilize the marketing powers to in supporting business goals.

The platform brand identity and UI/UX design was made to match the industry of marketing and you can check it on Behance

Brand identity
UI/UX design