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nllo enterprise resources
planning system (ERP)

Organizing your business is a hard task. With many functionalities and processes, there might be some lose in translation. And without a smart system that connects your departments together, there will be a lot of time wasted and many resources shall be misallocated.

That’s why ERP systems are becoming an essential part of any infrastructure of a large enterprise.

And as we strive to empower businesses to grow and reach maturity and, we created nllo.

nllo is an ERP system designed to help businesses grow efficiently through a smart and high performing technology, supported by Artificial Intelligence.

The system is built around businesses needs with customizable modules through which they can select from like HR, supply chain management, accounting, inventory ..etc

While developing the brand identity, we wanted to present more than the traditional ERP software, so we chose the happy elephant as the brand mascot to give the implication of simplicity and ease.

nllo will be launched by late 2020, but you can check the brand and website design on Behance and leave us your comments.

Brand identity
UX/UI design