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Blexar design

Working in both design and development helped us in connecting the two fields together. While designers might be working on aesthetics, developers are driven by code and functionality. To close this gap and set a common ground that makes everything more module, we needed a common design language. Where everyone knows the needed look and feel and builds his own part of the system in a consistent manner.

When thinking of Blexar, we wanted to create a design system that serves as a frontend framework enabling you to build rich web interfaces and digital experiences based on modern user experience practices.

The framework is supported with the best practices in user experience and modern web design techniques like responsiveness. It provides modularity for developers through a proper structure and sufficient components that cover all their needs so they can build even the most complex system.

As an open source project, Blexar targets web developers and designers looking to create unique interfaces for websites and web applications in a consistent and time-saving manner.

It will be constantly updated to stay on top of the latest techniques. Features will be constantly added and tested by many developers and we also unite the structure of code to relieve developers of repeating and rewriting.

You can check the live version and await the official launch by late 2019.

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