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Obka content management
framework (CMF)

In some cases, users might be in need for a smart business solution that helps them build an online presence in breeze without the need for hiring developers. And in other cases, developers might need an API creation framework that can be easily integrated with their solutions. Mixing the two needs together made us come up with Okba, our modern headless content management framework that makes the process of building APIs a breeze.

A content management framework is a system that allows its users to build web applications through the act of putting together reusable components. A CMF can be used also by non developers who want to build an online website, store or even ERP system.

That’s why Obka targets a wide spectrum of users, from those interested in building web applications with little knowledge in web development, especially API development and database design, to front-end developers who want to build their own APIs, to experience backend developers who want to quickly prototype an API for their project.

The solution design was planned to be simple, fresh and inviting. We used the space concept to align with the framework functionality. As the different modules represents the orbits that the solution will be working with. Also, we tried to keep the digital look that matches its speed and high performance.

Obka is supported by variant types of plugins that is whether created by the community and shared on Obka Marketplace or passed to the community by Obka team.

The framework will be launched by late 2020, but you can check the brand identity and website design on Behance and leave us your comments.

Brand identity
UX/UI design