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Uxema UX

The UX field is huge. With many processes and methodologies, the process of auditing or providing UX to clients could overlap and become confusing. And when it comes to large domain projects, the process of documentation and writing takes up lots of time. In addition, finding the right template for every project case could be overwhelming as well. And to make uxers work easier, enhance their performance and make ux work more fun, we came up with Uxema.

Uxema is a platform that provides ready to use UX tools, templates and documents, that UXers can use and extract in different formats like proposals. Through a drag and drop feature, UXers can easily select the methods of research and analyze the needed to documents based on the project scope. The platform walks them through a sequential process from business analysis to user research and wireframing.

The platform will be launched by late 2019 but you check the brand and website design on Behance.

Brand identity
UX/UI design