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Oraj online
gift store.

Finding the right gift on time is challenging and that was the founding behind founding Oraj. Oraj is an online store selling crafts and gifts as a special type of retail e-commerce and giving the opportunity to youth or any vendors to sell their handmade or gifts products and also buyers can discover various options for gifts or special occasions unique ideas.

Through the platform, you can browse the different categories of gifts, order and ship to wherever you want. You can also compare prices and ensure the product’s quality to have the appropriate time and thinking to make the purchasing decision.

Oraj enable vendors to expand customer reach, manage their own inventory and have a high level of control through online promotions. Andc as many small-business owners avoid recruiting, setting up compensation, maintaining compliance, and other HR activities are specialized and time-consuming but with Oraj they can save all this.

Whether handmade or electronics, the online shopping experience of Oraj was designed around the concept of sending love in boxes. The platform will be launched by mid 2020, but you can check the brand identity on Behance.

Brand identity