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Azda big data
and analytics

As more users are looking for accurate analytics that help them in their work, the need for an easy analytics tool is getting more intense. And with lots of information around, businesses have real gold mines that are not utilized. That’s why we thought of Azda.

Azda is a company specialized in big data and information, gathering data from multiple sources, industries and user behaviours to export them all later in reports and analysis. targeting businesses of all sizes who are continuously looking for industry reports and user behaviour analysis and so on, aiming to help businesses grow through accessing all the information they need.

Our target audience are businesses and startups of all sizes looking for a smart analytics tool that provides accurate data and suggest actionable decisions that can be taken to help businesses grow.

The platform design depended on randomness and dots connecting to give a chaos feeling and still relate to the functionality of the platform.

Azda will be launched by late 2020, but you can check the brand and website design on Behance and leave us your comments.

Brand identity
UI/UX design