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Carry our DNA
to the campus.

Uniting students from different campuses around the globe to create a team of professional players who share us the same passion for learning. Our ambassadors aim to spread awareness in the fields related to business, design, development or technology. So while the campus life could be less interesting, we add excitement through workshops and activities that close the gap between learning and real work experience.

Have an intense experience!

Career development

Have an opportunity to explore further in your career with a close and one-on-one training opportunity from inside Baianat headquarter.

Speaker opportunities

Represent Baianat as an official brand speaker in every campus event whether held by Baianat or other parties.

Early birds

Enjoy an early access to Baianat projects and initiatives and be one of those who try our beta versions and help us in the iteration processes.

Brand Swags

Presenting Baianat needs swags. From tees to socks, we could all covered with Baianat identity custom branded materials.

Be the campus Baianater.

We are looking for students who are proud to hold the same values like us. We are looking for challenge lovers, knowledge seekers and character that can work hard and double the effort when having fun.

We are looking for..

Current campus students with a wide range of relationships and popularity and enthusiasm for Baianat brand.

Those how can balance between their activities in Baianat and be class toppers at the same time.

Students who demonstrate an enterupinal mentality, are self motivated, have a “ We can” attitude and responsibility.

Excited enough?
Be the next ambassador!