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Custom tools for
a faster process.

Figuring ratios out in a blink. Enter the width and height to calculate the ratio needed for your design.

Test your color combinations and calculate contrast ratios to give your design depth and personality with shadows.

Place your designs on grid. Enter the digits and build your grid in seconds then export and use it wherever you want.

Create innovative business models, diagrams, graphs and mind maps then export them in whatever format you need.

Explore projects and tools made by Baianaters for the world.

Supporting the Arabic language learners and writers through a collection of tools that make content creation a lot easier.

Experience the different possibilities of colors through AI powered tools that create, mix and help you customize color palettes to your needs.

Get inspired with quotes and words of wisdom from well known pioneers and thought leaders in different technical fields.

Search any type of visuals you need to kick off your project. Artwork is Baianat gallery for all the creatives around the globe.

Let your thoughts flow with an easy sketching and ideation tool that translates your vision into simply communicated visual thoughts.