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Creating a place
where we live in.

No managers

We don’t believe in classic management styles where there is a higher authority telling everyone what to do and setting rules and constraints. This reward and punishment environment is what we are trying to avoid in Baianat. With no managers, everyone is free to pursue and open discussions about the actions they preserve to be in the best interests of the project or company. Everyone shares the same responsibilities and anyone can lead regardless of their seniority level.


Following a multidisciplinary style allows all our team members of having a great exposure to other fields. Whether you are a designer, developer, business analyst or other; you can always have conversations with other team members and gain knowledge about the different fields that you are interested in.


Baianat has an equal opportunity workplace, where everyone shares the same rights and duties regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender or any other discremntaion basis. Actions of bias are forbidden and all the players are communicated to the diversity policy.

No door policy

Since we don’t have managers, you can have conversations with anyone in the team without a need for appointment scheduling or waiting in line. There are also no secrets in the place so anyone can get the details needed in order to better perform as a team.

Team gatherings

Whether it is a company occasion or a player's birthday, we are always keen on bonding together as a team and getting to share stories and create memories.

Scientific approach

We encourage everyone inside Baianat to stay scientific and learn from trusted resources only. So in addition to the consolidated learning paths and the ongoing training, all Baianat players have access to our huge library.

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