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Hello world.

Baianat started back in 2000 in Damietta city in Egypt. Since day one, the company had a mission of producing high quality products that influence people’s lives.

In the beginning, Baianat operated mainly in the field of web design and started expanding to other fields gradually until approving a multidisciplinary by the year 2015 and officially announcing that by 2018. Over the years, Baianat main concern has been community support and it has taken many initiatives to enrich the arabic technical content by creating many resources and open source projects in addition to writing many articles in the fields of design, business, code and technology.

Even in the beginning, things were meant to be less traditional and corporate like and the family style was always the way of describing the relationship between Baianat members. The culture was then documented in books and our manifesto was written to contain our identity and pass it to the next generations.

Today, Baianat have expanded greatly to have a team of 50+ individuals supporting our partners overseas with authentic solutions. Although things have changed over the course of time, from our identity to our internal structure, but our values and passion for what we do always remained the same.