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Giving back to
the world.

Our mission

Supporting communities, individuals and businesses is part of Baianat vision for creating a better world and being ambassadors of change. By sharing valuable information and making learning accessible, we wish to guarantee a decent life for more humans.

Our philosophy

We set change in action with diverse production abilities that supports clients from different industries and across countries. We hope to transmit the values of change and inspiring a movement of culture change.

Our responsibility


With the evolution of creative technology, new opportunities are open for us to contribute for a better living. And by creating this through sustainable methods, we are building opportunities that people can capitalize on further and grow their potential.


Showing solidarity and standing by the communities we are part of is a duty not a responsibility. Through our initiatives for community support, we are trying to eradicate issues and build an inclusive home for everyone.


Through reasonable consumption and production methods, we consider the next generation right of having access to resources that help them build the world of their dreams. By utilizing technology, we can ensure a better future.

See our responsibility

Contributing to a sustainable world.

We believe everyone has a role to play in making our planet earth a better place for all beings. By supporting the UN in its aims for building a better world and sustainable world and tailoring our initiatives and goals around it, we hope to be sharing our part of the responsibility.


Making change by hand. Every year, we select the most critical issues that we would love to support from the SDGs list then innovate and collaborate with partners who share us the same vision.


Supporting women to take their first steps in the IT world through on ground activities and resources.


As part of our vision of making the world a better place, we donate our time, and effort to help NGOs and charitable organizations claim their voice in the digital world.


We believe that equal opportunities should be given to everyone. Whether in education, workplace or community, we are promoting the values of humanity through Human.


We partner with promising startups and support them with the needed materials, knowledge and services to flourish and activate their full potentials.

Performance and

View our accomplishments and contributions in the areas of action and get inspired to tackle initiatives of change as well.

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