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Creating a home
for everyone.

As part of the community, we feel responsible for creating a better environment for everyone. We believe it's not just part of our corporate social responsibility, but part of our duty as human beings towards the next generations. Through volunteering activities, we try to change the status-quo by hand and leave our fingerprints on the globe.

Areas of

Crisis response

Sudden crisis like wars, eruptions and storms displace people from their homelands. By integrating technology, we can empower first respondents and help those affected live better than before.

Non - profit support

Collaborating with organizations that provide direct support for the community and giving them the technologies and tools needed to guarantee further reach.

Discrimination fight

Celebrating our differences and promoting tolerance into the community and inside Baianat to unleash the full potential of humans.



People were born with equal opportunities. Disarming based on gender, race, color or any other factor is an act of injustice that we should stand against. Through Human, we aim to bring the whole world together again for good.


Empowering nonprofits to do more with technology and digital capabilities to guarantee that no one is left behind.


Every year, Baianaters donate their time, money and effort to support the good causes in the world. This comes from their desire to change and belief of being capable of turning things a little better.

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Our performance

Every year we try to enlarge our contribute to the community by adopting more cases and launching more initiatives.

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