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Human is a movement that seeks global awareness about the importance of peace and the value of human beings. It calls for renunciation of any form of discrimination and aims to reinforce values like tolerance and cordiality in efforts to reduce inequalities and support goal 10.

We believe that...

Organizations should be celebrating the differences of its employees and promoting a culture of diversity where everyone enjoys an equal opportunity.
Communities should be a place where everyone feels safe to live in and acts of racism and violence against minorities should be criminalized.
Individuals should be respecting the freedom of others. Acts of bullying and descrimination should be prohibited.

We aim to spread awareness globally about...

Gender equality

As women are facing many challenges in their daily life. We aim to reduce that by raising a more aware generation that understands their rights and duties.

Balanced workplace

As we are seeing more discrimination forms sneaking into the work environment especially seen in hiring processes and vogue termination decisions.

Minorities support

So we could eradicate the hate speech and unfavorable acts and promote a culture of diversity within the communities we live in.

How to support human?


Contributing to our initiative doesn't require more than just a share. Gaining one more voice helps us in influencing and reaching more circles of humans.


Adopting our culture and organizing events that gets all your employees together and create more active members of the community.