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Building the world
of our dreams.

We strive to integrate sustainability into everything we do, the community=ies we live in and into the future generations we are seeking to inspire everyday.

Supporting the UN endeavours.

Goal 1 - No poverty

We believe that the world has much potential that is hidden under severe living conditions and it’s our role to provide better living conditions to more humans everyday.

Goal 2 - Zero hunger

By joining forces with no-profits, we are on the march towards eradicating hunger. We empower organizations and promote reasonable consumption of food resources.

Goal 3 - Good health and wellbeing

We work with our partners to save lives everyday. Through our healthcare initiatives and by integrating technology into the industry, we hope to reveal the pains of many.

Goal 5 - Gender equality

Encouraging girls to be proud of who they are and helping them discover their true identity and act upon it all the time regardless of community constraints.

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Helping more businesses thrive in the digital era and contributing to a decent life for more humans by providing more opportunities.

Goal 10 - Reduced inequalities

Striving to equal opportunities providing for everyone and fighting all forms of discrimination whether internally or externally.

Our commitments


We work to bring better life for communities around the globe with direct initiatives and civic work support.


Supporting humans inside Baianat and outside in the whole world by spreading awareness and empowerment actions.


Leading the movement towards a sustainable planet where everyone is acting responsibly and as one towards saving our world.

Our story heros.

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Our initiatives

Creating a better world doesn't happen in a blink. With small actions every time, we aim for a better world onwards.

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