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Contributing for a
better world.

Baianat initiatives is part of our trial to create a better future for humanity. We believe that it's our responsibility to utilize technology to achieve sustainable development, boost the humankind and establish a real civilization with the hope that what we do could be the first drop in a sea of change.

The initiatives are programs created to spread awareness and enable community individuals of building their own careers and support startups and students who are passionate enough to pursue their dreams.

United for
the goals.

In order to ensure a more effective contribution towards humanity, we are aligning all of our initiatives with the UN goals for sustainable development. By doomstar sustainability in our production, creating partnerships for the goals and encouraging our clients and community to adopt goals as well, we hope to create a movement that innovaties for a sustainable world.

Addressing the
world challenges.

We believe that change starts with one innovative idea. That’s why we founded Afkar, our initiative for promising startups with wild minds.

Whether programming, design or business, we provide the support needed for ambitious young ladies to rule the world.

We support charitable organizations and associations with great causes in order to reach more people in their communities by utilizing the power of technology.

We believe that humans were born with equal opportunities. Through humans, we aim to spread the culture of diversity and defend the rights of human beings regardless of their religion, nationality or gender.

Spreading awareness about climate change and enrolling more people in the movement of protecting our planet.

Encouraging recycling and adopting a reasonable consumption mentality to protect our marine and wildlife.

Evolving CS education in schools through creating interactive materials and supporting alternative learning platforms.