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Cool off.

The earth's temperature is rising up causing extreme weather conditions and affecting the different aspects of life. In our initiative, we aim to cool off things a little by spreading awareness and cooperating with other organizations as well.

Water levels

The arctic is vanishing slowly. And with more ice melting every year, the wildlife there is getting badly affected and sea levels are rising and flooding coastal regions.


Extreme weather conditions is becoming a wide spread pohemonana that is threatening the human race.


With high temperature levels, our soil is getting badly affected and growing crops is becoming an almost impossible thing to do in areas that are badly affected.

We believe in conscious consumption.

Digital campaigns

Using the powers of digital to gather more people around the good acts of protecting our planet and taking corrective actions.

Local partners

Cooperating with organizations that are taking actions against climate change to bring our impact into the world and

Internal wisdom

Starting with ourselves, we are trying to occupy every opportunity to reduce our negative impact. From reducing our air conditioning consumption to adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. After all, having a completely recycled furniture isn’t a bad idea.

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