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Creating a global

We believe that a quality education is a right for every child. Through Baianat educational program, we are trying to evolve the learning experience of many children around the globe and reduce the literacy percentage among children.

Educational programs

Classroom educators

Providing the necessary materials for teachers to evolve the learning experience inside classes and integrating technology into the learning experience.

Classroom students

Creating resources that help the younger generation gain the knowledge needed to build a better future for themselves and families.

Classroom tours

Moving across the different countries of Africa to provide the kind of education needed and raise up more aware generations.

Classroom events

Organizing events to gather the classroom community, celebrate the patches graduation, planning for the upcoming years and recognizing the heroes behind the scenes.

Educational program partners


Collaborating with teachers from around the world to plan curriculums and deliver it on a daily basis.


Working with organizations to get familiar with the education reality and plan to overcome the challenges arising.


Partnering with schools that share us the same mission of raising education and spreading knowledge.

Helping children discover their passion.

Language classes

Giving the younger generation the language needed to excel in their careers.

Design classes

From sketching basics to becoming the young masters of their generation. We help kids enhance their creative ability with professional and digestible classes in the different fields to design.

Development classes

Teaching the programming basics to the younger generation hoping to kick off their careers earlier.