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Stories and

The story began 19 years ago. Back then, we only had our passion and faith in the power of learning. We didn’t have advanced tools to help us accelerate our processes and in general, the field of information technology was still in the development stage. But we were aware of the possibilities out there and fond of what we can do with it.

For 19 years we experienced a lot of things. This fullactuation made us even more resilient and taught us how to better deal with the upcoming years. We have seen entire teams leaving, projects succeeding and different industries realities. Lots of things have changed over the course of time, from our brand identity to our internal structure, but our values and passion for what we do always remained the same.


Everything we met on the road created one more story for us to share with you.


Our evolution through the course of time and the most important events that shaped who we are.