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Turning points
and milestones

Since the beginning at 2000, our goal has been to develop products and services that significantly change cultures and elevate businesses, societies and people's life. Not just for our customers. For everyone.

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During 2018, Baianat focused on developing its internal systems and re-evaluated its identity to better match its new style and thrive in the digital era.

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Baianat focused on promoting the culture of authenticity and quality while changing cultures by planning for several open-source educational platforms and other ventures.

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Baianat played in the mobile apps, business and digital marketing industries alongside producing technical projects.

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Baianat biggest goal in 2015 was to confirm that we influence on community and culture, especially IT and digital culture. That is why our slogan 'We Believe We Can Change' was the best to reflect Baianat's mission.

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Baianat merged all its subsidiaries to provide both web solutions and hosting services as we started to work under the term full integrated production solutions for web services.


Baianat presented web design services and web development solutions including vbulletin, wordpress, joomla, etc. targeting the market of Arab Gulf Area. Also launched; a service of web hosting and administration targeting the market of Arab Gulf Area.


Baianat started in Egypt, to provide solutions for .Net programming and Windows OS for small and medium enterprises.