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How we

Simply, we are looking for culture
builders not culture fits.

What happens when you
apply for an opportunity?

Application scanning

Your application passes through a scanner that looks for more information about you and tries to analyze your data. The perfect resume is not the ultimate measurement as we are looking for humans with flaws.

Phone call

We arrange for a skype or hangout meeting to hear more from you and get to know each other. Usually the interviewer is a potential teammate so there will be technical questions. During the call feel free to ask all the questions on mind and don't forget to check our culture.

Meeting in person

We invite you for to spend a day with us at our office to get the atmosphere and chat with you about your expertise, ambitions and role expectations.

What are we
looking for?

1.Solution oriented

Our work environment is a bit challenging so we are looking for people who can help us solve daily problems and take repsonsbility of managing issues.


Well, you will be part of the family so we need to be able to have conversations with each other's and share perspectives. In brief, we are looking for people who can add to our culture.


There are no managers inside. You decide what you love to do and lead yourself along the way. This requires discipline, dedication and love for passion about what you do.

4.Role related knowledge

This is not the most important quality because anyone can learn anything if he has enough passion and patience. However, we get super thrilled when we find someone speaking our language.

Joining Baianat can be a little overwhelming at first with millions of ideas rushing everywhere. Avoid the culture shock and get to know us better through our insights to

We demonstrate a free of bias hiring process and celebrate every new mind added to our family. Know more about recruitment ethics and privacy policy.