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Business solutions with
high customizations

Mobile apps

We design and develop custom mobile apps that are tailored to your industry needs and engaging for your clients.


Starting with your business needs and strategy. We build your brand to go beyond the visuals and communicate with your audience.


Create your own store with all the features you need to expand your business online. Through Baianat store solutions, we help you create a seamless online experience.


Playing with visual elements to create custom illustration that could be patterns, imaginary characters or geometrical shapes.


We collaborate with you to create a custom type for your brand that works on digital, print and everywhere else.

Web apps

Build a website that matches with your business. Together,We develop and design web apps that thrive in the digital era.


Planning and executing strategic campaigns that lets you reach your audience on various channels.


Soaring materials and design for unforgettable unboxing experience that turns every purchase into an exciting journey.


Capitalize on video content in your campaigns, website or other channels. Communicate with your audience and go viral by evoking emotions.


Helping you turn into a strategy driven business by normalizing your processes and planning actions ahead.


Creating products that combine your features, our insights and customers’ needs. By prototyping, iterating and adopting a customer centric mentality.


Reveal new opportunities for your business by integrating a technological aspect into your production or operations.

Content management system

Managing your online content doesn't have to be painful. With our CMS services we let you control your publishing through a fully custom CMS or WordPress development.


Developing enterprise resources systems to help you run your organization smarter and manage your sales, inventory and all your business aspects.


Empowering your business with customer relationship management system so you could build long term relationships and eradicate your sales hassle.


Link your front store with the back end operations through a smart point of sale that operates as an accounting hand as well.

Saas solutions

Modernize your software business with a custom saas solution that lets you reach more customers and easily upgrade your features.

Desktop apps

Reimaging desktop apps with cloud techniques that depend totally on using modern conversion-rate-optimizationss apps technology. With simplicity in mind, we create user friendly interfaces that works on Mac, Windows and linux.

Landing pages

Whether for a product, event or mobile app, we help you build a landing page that converts your leads and drives your sales operations.


Whether a company profile, a personal website or a services portal, we help you get the best out of WordPress and utilize its features.


We help design and develop your online store using WordPress and Woocommerce platform and customize its features around your business needs and operations scale.


Building ecommerce websites using Opencart smart solution for a faster process and easy maintenance in the future.


From cart customization to payment gateway integration, we help you build up a modern estore that drives your online sales operations.


We customize Odoo solutions around your business needs and build modules that roahnzies your departments work.

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