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Functional eye
catching packaging.

Design architecture

Selecting the materials that should be used, the container shape, how the package will be opened and where the important important like ingredients shall be places.

Package artwork

Designing eye-catching retail packaging artwork inspired by the brand identity while spotting on the product name

3D prototypes

Creating tangible prototypes of the package to test it in real life with real customers and check for aesthetics and usability.

Reveal your product value.


The design process starts with an in depth understanding of the product, its functionality and how it solves the users’ problems. Then, we outline the users’ profile and study the competition to get a sense of the product category and better plan the positioning strategy.

Materials and layout

Wood, steel, hard paper, plastic and more. We select the materials that best matches the branding look and feel and balance between packaging costs and the product offerings.

Package design

Clearly communicate the values and emotions behind the brand through a package design that is inclusive and supports brand awareness.

Preparation for manufacturing

Getting the design ready for print and manufacturing by carefully testing it, adjusting the colors and considering the technology solutions that will be used.

Leave a first right impression.

Fast recognition

Adapt with consumers fast shopping base with an attractive design that clearly informs your audience about your offering.


Stand out on the shelves with a package design that gets easily noticed and works as a marketing asset.

Scalable design

Whether going international or adding a new flavor or color, your design will help you scale your operations and hunt growth opportunities.

Authentic packaging

Web design packages with reference to the product quality and the customer segment so we don’t give over promise and yield zero furtssionati after unboxing.

We believe package design is part of the product user experience and a marketing asset. That’s why it should indicate the product usage and guide customers on how it reliefs their pain points.

Custom your
product package.